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Student Health Cover

Embarking on an overseas study adventure is thrilling, and at AusEduLink, we appreciate the significance of prioritizing your health during this journey. We extend our services beyond simply meeting visa prerequisites – we guide you in selecting a health cover that assures your well-being is safeguarded while you’re studying in Australia. Let’s work together to find the optimal student health cover for your time abroad.

Why is Student Health Cover Necessary?

A comprehensive student health cover serves to safeguard you against medical expenses while you’re studying in Australia. It provides coverage for:

In Australia, having health insurance is mandatory before you can apply for a Student Visa.

Experience Stress-Free Health Cover Selection with AusEduLink

We’ve taken the initiative to carefully select top-quality health cover providers for your studies in Australia.

Our chosen providers offer:

Online Application for a Swift Turnaround

You can conveniently apply online and receive a policy confirmation in just a few minutes. If you need additional assistance, our AusEduLink counsellors are available to help organize your health cover with you.

Once it’s settled, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the best decision for your journey. You can then focus on the next task on your checklist!

Compare and Find the Right Health Cover for Your Needs

Compare and choose the most relevant, affordable health cover or insurance for your needs. Our partner policies meet the stringent conditions that registered health funds must adhere to, ensuring high-quality cover for international students. Let AusEduLink help you make the best choice for your health during your international study journey.

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