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Securing Your Comfort Zone in Australia

Navigating the accommodation landscape in a new country can be challenging, but with AusEduLink, you’re not alone! Whether you’re seeking the comfort of a private homestay or the camaraderie of a student apartment, we leverage our vast connections to guide you towards the best places that suit your preferences.

Discover Your Perfect Australian Abode with AusEduLink

Selecting your residence while studying abroad is a pivotal decision. It’s not only about having a place to stay; it’s about having a place where you feel safe, supported, and comfortable. At AusEduLink, we strive to ensure you love where you live, enabling you to make the most of your international study experience in Australia.

Why Choose AusEduLink?

AusEduLink guides you to your ideal home through our trusted accommodation partners across Australia. You can ask your AusEduLink counsellor for assistance in choosing the right option for you. Our counsellors are also ready to help you navigate the application process once you’ve made your decision.

Moreover, AusEduLink runs dedicated accommodation groups on Facebook, where you can connect with other students, share experiences, get advice, and find roommates if you wish.

Exploring Your Accommodation Options


Choosing a Homestay allows you to experience the local Australian culture and lifestyle by staying with a local family. Our selected host families are welcoming and friendly, offering you a comfortable room and the opportunity to share meals. They can also provide insider tips on exciting places to visit and how to get around.

Why Choose a Homestay?

Student Apartments

Student apartments are a prime choice if you value convenience, affordability, and a diverse social environment. These ready-to-move-in facilities have everything you need and are often located close to campuses.

Why Choose Student Apartments?

We’ve done the groundwork to compile a wide range of accommodation options to fit your needs and budget. All our partners are chosen for their reputation as trusted accommodation providers for students. Let AusEduLink guide you to your home away from home in Australia!

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