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Effortless Student Banking

Streamlined Banking Solutions for International Students

At AusEduLink, we understand the importance of having your finances organized before you embark on your study adventure in Australia. We are here to guide you through the process, making it easy and stress-free.

Why AusEduLink for Student Banking?

When you’re studying in Australia, having a secure and accessible bank account is crucial. With AusEduLink, we’ll help you navigate the Australian banking system, which offers a variety of options for managing your finances, from local credit unions and building societies to national and international banks. Many Australian banks also offer specialized banking solutions tailored for international students​.

Selecting a Bank

Australia hosts a range of top banks for international students, including NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, and Citibank, among others. We can guide you to the right bank based on your needs and your study location.

Choosing the Right Bank Account

Finding the right type of bank account is critical. International students commonly use three types of bank accounts in Australia: Transaction accounts for daily expenses and bill payments, Savings accounts to earn interest on your balance, and Student accounts that offer extra perks like no fees for cash deposits or ATM withdrawals. Most international students prefer transaction accounts due to their ease of maintenance and accessibility​.

We’ve partnered with trusted financial institutions in Australia, and we’re ready to help you set up your bank account before you leave your home country. Enjoy the convenience of mobile banking and keep your money safe while you focus on your studies.

Here’s a brief overview of what some top Australian banks offer to international students:

Feel free to reach out to our friendly counsellors at AusEduLink for assistance with your student banking needs. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on your studies.

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