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Choosing to study abroad is a life-changing decision that has the potential to shape your career and personal growth in extraordinary ways. Such an endeavor requires careful planning, substantial financial investment, and detailed consideration of numerous factors. These include selecting the right course and university, understanding the socioeconomic conditions of the host country, navigating the admission and visa process, and more.

At AusEduLink, we understand the magnitude of this decision and are committed to providing expert, comprehensive, and up-to-date guidance to simplify your journey from India to Australia. Our team of trained counselors and visa officers are ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Career Counseling

Our skilled team will help you make informed decisions about your course selection, considering your aptitude, interests, academic background, and future career prospects. We provide personalized guidance to help you make the right career choice.

Admission Guidance

Once your course is selected, the next crucial step is admission. We will help identify the best colleges or universities based on your academic merit, course suitability, and financial capability. Our team will assist you in crafting a compelling application, customizing your Statement of Purpose (SOP), and preparing your portfolio.

Test Preparation

Before applying for admissions and visas, you’ll need to pass certain tests. We have a dedicated team to assist and guide you in preparing for these tests. We provide support for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and more.

Visa Guidance

Securing a visa is a critical part of your journey to study in Australia. Our visa processing team is professionally qualified and experienced, boasting an excellent visa success rate. We offer comprehensive assistance with visa applications, including preparing financial documents, guidance on education loans, and interview preparation.

Scholarship Assistance

We provide guidance on scholarship opportunities to deserving students based on their merit. This not only helps to alleviate financial strain but also serves to enhance your self-esteem and motivation.

Travel Assistance and Foreign Exchange

Our team will assist you in finding the best travel deals and the most convenient airline options based on your budget. We will also help you procure foreign exchange and secure the necessary medical and travel insurance before your departure.


AusEduLink has partnerships with several accommodation providers across Australia. We can help you find student accommodation tailored to your budget, including specialist providers such as Unilodge and Australian Homestay Network. We can also assist with on-campus accommodation where available.

Pre-Departure Assistance

We provide comprehensive pre-departure assistance, including checklists, country-specific guidance, rules and regulations, and guidance on part-time work. Our informative pre-departure seminars, led by our Director, provide detailed insights and practical tips for your journey ahead.

Post-Arrival Support

Our support doesn’t end when you reach Australia. We maintain contact with our students throughout their course, providing guidance on job opportunities and immigration guidelines. We can also assist with visas for family members who wish to visit or join you in Australia.

At AusEduLink, we believe that the opportunity to study abroad should be accessible and manageable. We are committed to making your dream a reality by providing professional, dedicated, and comprehensive services to navigate the admission process efficiently and effectively. Your journey to studying in Australia begins here.

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